Eggstatic About Breakfast

Another egg post because I like to keep my meals simple and I am "eggstatic" about eggs. Here is how I prepared this egg and this breakfast. 


1 egg (or as many as you choose)

1 slice of Ezekial Bread (Flavor optional)

1 Blood Orange cut into quarters. 

Cooking the egg: 

-Fill a small saucepan (small pot) with about a cup or two of water and let it come to a sow boil on a low to medium flame. 

-When you see the tiny bubbles appear in the water, crack the egg into the pot and let it cook. 

-When the white protein surrounding the yolk has taken shape and thickened, check for a white film over the yolk. 

-When the yolk of the egg is coated to your liking, scoop the egg out with a spatula and place on your plate. 

-Season to taste. 

The Ezekial Bread creation can be seen here: That's My Jam!