Eggcellently Hashing It Out For Breakfast.

When my brother-in-law made me breakfast, I never dreamed that it would look this simplistically beautiful. He chose the right plate and everything. While I try not to eat prepackaged hash browns, I cannot lie when I say that I am addicted to the taste. Eggs, Eggs, Eggs though. I LOVE eggs. I believe eggs are the only factor that keep me from being a full on vegan and we have a tempered love affair like no other. 


The quality of the egg is so vital in choosing good eggs. You want that beautiful orange glow in the yolk. A pale yellow indicates--to me anyway--a momma hen that endured struggle and it was passed down in the yolk. I prefer a momma hen who lived a calm, happy, and healthy life. Her eggs will be a beautiful golden orange with a glow and they won't taste like struggle.