I Need A Juicer But They Are So Expensive. Now What??

So many people have shared with me the frustration of paying so much money for high powered juicers and blenders. Top brands can lure as much as $3K from your pockets as you swipe your AMEX, Visa, and Master Cards toward optimal health. But what if you could find what you are looking for at a lower price point, new, and still hold true to your brand of choice? Behold DiscountJuicers.com, the brain child of John Kohler and the happy place for vegetarians, vegans, and aspiring health nuts. I stumbled across his site 4 years ago after perusing one of his videos as he stood side-by-side with top raw food youtubers and experts discussing the benefits of jackfruit and durian. His enthusiasm for a healthier lifestyle, natural food, and his knowledge of the inner workings of juicers and blenders left me magnetized. Check out his juicer comparison chart, youtube videos, and more by clicking on the image and video below.

Happy Juicer Hunting!