What's Your Soul-Shade?

I often feel disconnected from myself, and the universe, if I wake up and do not consult with my spirit before I choose an outfit or an accessory. Sounds crazy and a bit hippie-lame but when I connect with my higher self, and choose clothing and accessories that resonate with my spirit, I feel my soul shine through with happiness, and other people notice the radiance. Colors have always been my thing ever since I first watched Bob Ross make happy little trees fanned across a thick oiled canvas. But finding my soul-shade was a lifelong, shifting process. As a child, I LOVED orange. Anything orange was my thing. It is a creative, happy, vibrant, and healthy color. In my teenage years, I loved soft pinks. It is a color that always made me feel calm, feminine, and quietly confident. As I grew into a young adult and entered college, I was obsessed with red. Red is a color that is striking, bold, and deep. It was my power color and I didn’t have to use much of it to get the desired result that I wanted; to harness powerful energy. As a woman in her 30’s, I seek clarity, peace, and enlightenment more than ever. So what do I do? I paint my entire room white and develop a minimalist-style "capsule" wardrobe with simple and basic shades, and hints of color that won’t distract my mind from transparent thoughts. So tell me, what’s your soul-shade and how does it speak to your spirit? 

What’s Your Soul-Shade? Here’s Why You Should Ponder Yours: 

  1. You Will Gain Insight & Clarity: Choose a piece of jewelry or a color that resonates with your spirit and connect with that piece. You will gain some insight and wisdom into why it resonates for you if you just ask your spirit. 
  2. Each Color Is a Bridge to Enlightenment: The more time you spend looking at pieces your soul loves and colors your soul desires, the more clarity you will receive. Colors mean a great deal. They are not just beautiful spectrums of light casted from a rainbow after a storm. Each color is a bridge to mood, personality, and enlightenment.
  3. Your Spirit Already Knows: Don’t know what your color is? You spirit is already drawn to certain shades and hues. Go with it. Flow with it. Wear it. Become it. As you can see in the background, I’m drawn to many shades of white including ivories and antique’s as well as soft peaches, blacks, grey’s, and soft blues.  
  4. Don’t just wear it. Become it. Paint your room or maybe just a wall your soul-shade and watch as your body exhales, your face light up, and clarity enter your being.