That Salad Convo

YLP:That looks Delish!!! Trying to be mainly veg and some raw.....hard when I still cook meat for kids (since I am taking this venture now).
Angela:Me too but once in a while I will have a small amount of fish. I try to do 2 raw meals a day and one cooked. So maybe breakfast is cooked and lunch and dinner are raw. When i have the cooked meal, i lightly steam veggies and may add an egg or a grain to my meal. I mix it up a lot so I don't get bored, and I am always researching new recipes. I'm not a pasta fan anymore. It tastes like dead It's not easy to have your food and separate meals for your family. I'm in the same boat. Instead of trying to cook them meat, I will go to Whole Foods or Fairway and get one of those meals they make and package the same day and freeze it. If I must make them a meat, it will always be fish. Lets just say, our multitude of ER trips during the year have greatly dwindled and I find my fruit missing when I go to juice them in the morning. They are slowly warming up. This is what i like to call the journey to your citrus life. Happy Journey! #CitrusLife
Angela:...And keep me updated with your journey!