My Favorite Snacks:
I’m a snacking queen and I love to munch on Kettle Brand unsalted potato chips during the evening while I watch a movie or wrap Christmas gifts–yes, I start super early. For my post workout snack, I always grab a Kind Bar. My favorite is the peanut butter and dark chocolate with protein. When I get tired of potato chips, I love quinoa tortilla chips. They taste better than their corn counterpart and come unsalted or lightly salted. I prefer lightly. I can pair that with a small amount of green juice, spicy beet juice, or just plain, distilled water and I’m happy. I also have had a terrible affinity for anything and everything curried. The turmeric, coconut, and spices combine drive my tongue crazy-in-love. My latest food crush is Jamaican curry chicken and rice and beans. I get much more gravy than chicken and have a small amount either in the afternoon or while I watch a movie in the evening. My whole body feels alive and satisfied after eating curry. Let’s see if the upcoming winter will enhance these cravings or if I develop a pension for everything butternut squash as the season tends to dictate.

-Live Happily!
Angela M.