As I was in my Fast Trac course one afternoon, I took my lunch out of my brown paper bag and began to fold the bag. I noticed a name and some numeric info at the bottom. I thought it was strange so I tossed the bag in recycling. After this, I made it a habit to look at the bottom of the bag to see if the same name would appear but it was always a different name and varying set of numbers. The photo above of the brown paper bag is of the last bag I snapped.

My inquisitive mind just had to know what this info meant and its purpose for being at the bottom of the bag so I did a Google Search. One of the search results listed this site called Minyanville.com. The sites author, Justin Rohrlich, had this to share about the bag he found (shown above in white): 

This bag is a Maribel Dominguez original, manufactured on October 29, 2007, in the Elizabeth, New Jersey plant of the Duro Bag Manufacturing Company. (The “EL” tells us the location, 48 B is Ms. Dominguez's workstation.)

“The names are there to give the employees a sense of pride in their work; it’s almost like autographing the bag,” a Duro spokesperson told me on the phone.

So there it is! My bag is a Brenda Nieves Original. Manufactured on April 2nd, 2012 in the Elizabeth NJ Plant of the Duro Bag Manufacturing Company. And 40-A B is Brenda’s workstation. How cool is it to be recognized in this fashion for the bags you make? I think that’s awesome.