How To Make Your Summer Soiree a Success on MintLife

Hello Citrus Life-ers! 

I hope your 4th of July was explosive. Summer has officially arrived with this wonderfully exhausting heat. We are all in full defrost from the light winter months and waking up to the joys that Summertime brings: Outdoor brunches, yacht lunches, rooftop bbq’s, dinner & cocktails, and of course…Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Channel your inner Golightly this season and host a casual fete with a twist, remembering to keep your food, apparel, and conversation light. How about a light and breezy boat brunch, a stars and stripes basket and berries picnic or how about a cozy evening in front of a fire pit complete with Nutella chocolate, graham crackers, raspberries and oozy gooey tangerine marshmallow filled s'mores. Yum! 

Don’t feel like adorning yourself in full Golightly garb? Then take note from Holly’s casual scenes with beautifully wrapped hair, comfy top, and easy breezy leggings. Overall comfort is key to making any gathering entertaining. 

Sometimes even planning the smallest of affairs and intimate gatherings can send an experienced party pro into meltdown mode. So here are some tips I contributed to the MintLife blog on How To Make Your Summer Soiree a Success!

Smooches and Buena Suerte! 

Angela M.