Hey everyone, this is Olga (or more commonly known as Wenqing) Co-Principal of Door 24 Agency & Magazine. Just writing today to give you an inside glimpse inside my world of “The Citrus Life.” With the hustle and the bustle of the City–whether you are catching a taxi cab, eating at the trendiest restaurant, or hustling to your next event while talking to clients on your cell phone–slowing down your pace and doing something else can actually help improve your life, as well as your business, in many ways. This slow down process is what I call, The Citrus Life. For example, for the Memorial Day holiday weekend, My partner in crime, Angela, visited me in Connecticut and I shared with her some inside tips on how gardening and business go hand-in-hand. 

Here are some Business Tips from the Suburban Housewife of Connecticut:

Question #1: How do I start a business?

Chore #1: Gardening

Advice: You have to have the right tools.

Question #2: How do I deal with obstacles and/ or my lack of motivation?

Chore #2: Pulling up bushes

Advice: Pull the hell out of those obstacles and don’t give up until you see sweat….then rest. Remember, tomorrow’s another day.

Those are my brief tips for today….Until then…Remember, whether it’s a City life or a Country Sweet Life, don’t forget that dose of Vitamin C!

Ciao for now,

The Citrus Life

Article Written by Olga M. Montanez

 (Door 24 Agency & Magazine)