A Morning #JuiceAndJam Session with Myself

Sometimes you just need a little bit of space from the world. I find that I am drawn and consistently connected to people so much that I neglect the beauty and the regenerative powers of solitude and peace. I recently took an overnight trip to Albany, NY and stayed at a friends apartment. I LOVED her space. It was simple, clean, spacious, airy, not cluttered, and quiet a great deal of the time. It was awesome! I chowed down on some of her breakfast casserole as I relaxed on the floor in the living room and just wrote in my journal about my travels and the interestingly amazing people I have met along the way.

It was so beautiful to be able to have hours and hours of quiet and thinking space. I am not a fan of writing. Granted, I am an awesome and creative writer, there is no doubt about that but I tend to shy away from willingly sitting for hours and drafting my thoughts. Talk about boring sometimes! Over the past few months however, writing has been the most therapeutic luxury that I have given myself. I cannot imagine my days and my journeys now without my journal. When coupled with peace, quiet, solitude, and reflection, I hear the spiritual voices of the universe again and I am confident that peace is the stairway to heaven, at least until Friday nights when the rhythms of Latin music will become the stairway to my ancestors. 

What types of activities promote clarity and peace within your life? Did you always love them or did you grow to love them? 


Angela Montanez