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I listen to tibetan bowls and chimes. I burn my scented incense and candles. I love the sound of rain and flowing rivers. I enjoy the freshness of opening my window and allowing the new spirit of the day to gently rush in and wipe away the stale and stagnant energy that has been residing too long daily or seasonally. All of these things are beautiful gifts of the spirit and beautiful spiritual things--encounters we have everyday that we often take for granted and may not view as a highly spiritual interaction. In these pages, I discuss my spiritual journey, since before the womb, during, and what I have learned here as I slowly ride down this bumpy human experience. I also discuss my insights, enlightenments received, messages heard, and higher experiences of love. The most exciting part, to me anyway, is tying all of these experiences and messages together to show you how everything in our lives are based around the foundations of our spiritual and physical health. This is a very cyclical, 360 degree fluid model. You cannot have one without the other and such is everything else that proceeds in life. In these pages, I illustrate these concepts spoken by past and present light bringers, guru's, light-workers, God, and more.  This is not a place of harsh debate or spiritual-political semantics. I am active in the pursuit of showing you how to live a cyclically healthy life beginning with the spiritual and ushering in that beautiful energy to make a change in the physical. I had to muster up the strength to learn to be still and understand the cyclical nature of the spirit and human realm as well as the simplicity and delicate nature of life as a dying ten-year-old child in hospital isolation for weeks. My journey has been 25 years long and it's time I shared what I have been told in the secret dark places of the spirit ,where caterpillars morph into butterflies, coals become diamonds, and embryo's are stitched together to create a home for young spirits. Enjoy this journey with me!   


Ohm In My Zone. Join Me. 


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