Quiet Events Is A Silent BALL!

There is nothing better than being fit and not feeling boxed in by traditional fitness routines. I am the most active and have the most fun when I am dancing and moving naturally and authentically within life's most present moments. Enter Quiet Events. I LOVE this company and this idea. Here is the concept in a nutshell. You take a bunch of headphones, light them up with three distinct colors to represent three different music channels. We pass out these headphones to a large group of attendees. The host is strapped with a wifi style box that is wirelessly linked to each headset and the "partygoers" can hear the commands of the host via his microphone. Then we cruise New York City, Brooklyn, and the outer boroughs via the subway transit system and everywhere we go, we have a pop-up dance party. 

Yes, this is my jam! It's always a silent ball. Take the headphones off and you will understand why onlookers will be giving you the callous NYC side-eye. Put them back on and you are back on vacation in Miami dancing the night away. Between the hours of dancing and the traveling, you will have burned days worth of cheat meals and toned simultaneously. It's a total body workout that doesn't feel like work at all. It's a party in a beat box. 


Check out Quiet Events at https://quietevents.com