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There is nothing more indulgent, beautiful, warm, and inviting then a great meal that doesn't make you feel bloated, swollen, or leave you with food paralysis. In these pages, I share with you recipes, photos, and meals that I have concocted, borrowed, made my own, absolutely love, and those that are near and dear to my heart passed down from family member to family member. The bonus with these endearingly yummy meals is that they are also very much good for your body, mind, and soul. Try them out. Test them in your kitchen. And make them your own as well. 

I may be dating myself here but I used to come home from middle school during the afternoons and watch "Great Chefs, Great Cities" on cable tv. I loved the calm "elevator" music that played as the chefs created the most inventive, colorful, and purely simplistic meal right from their kitchens. You could hear the fans in the background cooling off the space and the ovens heating up the stew. They weren't flashy or causal but simply working and their fingers danced over the dish with a regal pomp as if to say, "Here I am world!" I'm not as sophisticated--yet--as those amazing chefs from that past show but as I pick up a new recipe and tailor an old, I find my groove and my nose leads the charge as my tongue sets the standard for what I will create next. Now if only I could get my stomach to agree, we will have a healthier world. This is where the trinity will commune and work itself out. Happy eating and Bon Appetit! 



Strawberry-Rhubarb is my JAM in the morning! 

I LOVE this brand of jam in the morning with Ezekiel toast and a nut butter. Combined, these flavors leave me with the most exciting palette orgasm ever....{More}

Dear Platanos aka Plantains, 

I'm so sorry that my Suja Beet and Carrot juice exploded all over you. I did not know that it would spoil and that the fizzle sound was an explosion awaiting its time. Perhaps tomorrow we can have breakfast. Signed, your biggest fan...{More}

Because I'm Eggstatic About Breakfast...

Blood oranges, poached eggs, and Ezekiel toast with Eleanor's Strawberry-Rhubarb Jam and Cashew Butter....{More}