Welcome To Fitness

Enacting a fitness routine into my life was always very challenging and I found that consistency was like a yo-yo effect. I would start and stop for long periods of time and then start again. I used to beat myself up for my inconsistency until I got real with myself and my personality. I like to stay active different ways. What works for one individual may not work for another and it is okay that I desire to stay active in various was so that I do not get bored. Another challenging thing was maintaining the mindset to workout and be a "beast" in the gym or with my home-fitness and yoga plan. It was difficult because I sulked in the "why's" and "Aww Man's" when it came to moving my body and exercising. Once I changed my mindset and fought for myself, I changed my world. Now, when I don't feel like working out or following through with a challenge, I do it. Action will silence fear, doubt, and sluggishness. Action will spark energy, creativity, excitement, and confidence. Action is where you WILL live on this journey of improving your health with movement & fitness. In these pages, you will find fitness challenges, tutorial photos, and videos of the routines and moves that I have learned and am still learning on my journey toward improving my health and building a toned and flexible body. Enjoy!