Welcome To Fashion

A fit, healthy, body—that is the best fashion statement
— Jess C. Scott

Let's talk style my sisters! Who doesn't love, love, love the fit and flair that an amazing outfit can have as it caresses your curves. I do! Dressing for an occasion or an affair can be as simple as knowing your style and understanding your body lines but dressing for fitness often proves challenging for many. They will throw on an old oversized t-shirt, frumpy and loose yoga pants, and old tennis shoes. And then they wonder why they often lose motivation to continue working-out. How can you be excited about fitness when you are not even excited about yourself and what you wear to the most important event of your life, your work-out time. This time is solely about you and caring for your body. So let's get excited together as I show you my finds in fitness apparel and how I dress them up, dress them down, add them to my daily outfits, and wear them to workout.