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Welcome to The Citrus Life where I show you how to live happily, eat naturally, and connect spiritually throughout the many seasons of nature, change, and life. My journey began in the spiritual realm and became very physical. Your journey may begin physically and take shape spiritually. Either way, I strongly believe that physical and spiritual health are very much intertwined and cyclical in nature. One will always effect the other. As you peruse and dive into the content here at my online home, think about which realm you are invested in right now. Are you big on organic and natural beauty? Are you obsessed with the spiritual world? Are you diving for information on diet, nutrition, and weight loss? Is bold and colorful minimalism your fashion forte? In my eyes, all are spiritual and create an energy that defines your lifestyle. Feel free to connect with me and share your journey. I am always interested in hearing and learning more about the walk of my brothers and sisters. Enjoy!

My Soul Honors Your Soul and My Light, Your Light. 

Angela L. Montanez 


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